Style Your Threads attended Eva Sita’s concert at Berklee college of music in Boston, Ma. She sounds amazing. Go check out her music! “


My name Is Eva Sita, born in the motherland, West Africa. I am the 1st female Ivorian Student in Berklee History.  After moving to Paris in 2004 as a refugee I started producing beats at a young age but always thought that I couldn’t sing. That changed when I got discovered and was featured in several West-African Media for my voice. (TV, Radio, Magazines). 

I learned how to play the Kora, a traditional African string instrument, and classical piano. After 5 years of intense training and learned experiences, I am an accomplished self-made artist - producing, playing, singing and dancing, always working hard to achieve my dream.

I just put out a New EP « Eva Sita ». It is written and produced by myself. I recorded it on 3 different continents and 3 different languages. ( French, Bambara: my traditional African dialect, and English ). 

It talks about all types of love, self-acceptance, faith, and humanity.

It is now available on all the platforms.

Geraldine Cole